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Electrocautery, Electrosurgical
After years of research, Evershine’s Research and Development (R&D) team, which has more than 30 years of experience in Electrosurgery, developed and launched a state-of-the-art High Frequency Eradicator-HF 258.  Evershine HF 258 emits small output power, which greatly reduces the risk of electric s
Electrosurgical Pencils
1. Disposable Electrosurgical Hand Control Pencil with 3 meter or 5 meter cable. 2. Reusable Electrosurgical Hand Control Pencil with 3 meter cable  3. Welcome to those who take the initiative to contact us.
Electrosurgical Electrode
blade, ball, needle, loop, triangle, etc. The company products " electrosurgical pencils, electrosurgical plates and cables, electrodes, bipolar forceps and cables ”Related Products: “electrosurgical, electrosurgery, bipolar forceps, grounding pad, electrosurgical plate” . Welcome to those who take

About Us

EVERSHINE MEDICAL CO. is a Taiwanese manufacturer who specializes in producing all kind of accessories for Electrosurgical Units, including disposable/reusable hand/foot control pencil, disposable electrosurgical plates, all kind of electrodes, and bipolar forceps and cables. Our technical team has the experience in the Electrosurgical Unit industry for over 3 decades and our products enjoy the reputation of good quality with relatively low prices. OEM&ODM are welcome!